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  • Vern Hatt :: Architectural Designer :: Builder :: Contractor - serving the Lower Cape Cod Towns of Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown since 1980.

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    Work performed over the years

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    Work performed over the years <h4 align="center"><a href="recent_projects.html" target="_parent">click to see recent projects</a></h4> Eastham general contractor
    • Eastham-addition-framed-with-drive-under-garage
    • Eastham-air-conditioning-system
    • Eastham-andersen-windows-observation-room
    • Eastham-blueboard-ready-to-install
    • Eastham-cape-with-dormer-and-pressure-treated-decks
    • Eastham-cape-with-ell-and-one-car-garage
    • Eastham-cape-with-two-bay-windows
    • Eastham-ceiling-insulation-recessed-lights
    • Eastham-colonial-style-house
    • Eastham-concrete-footings-poured
    • Eastham-drive-under-garage-with-deck-over
    • Eastham-farmers-porch-with-columns
    • Eastham-first-floor-framed-and-rough-backfilled
    • Eastham-foundation-hole-staked-ready-for-excavation
    • Eastham-foundation-with-retaining-wall
    • Eastham-framing-insulation-wiring
    • Eastham-framing-ready-for-roof
    • Eastham-front-door-slider-with-circle-top
    • Eastham-gable-end-with-three-circle-top-windows
    • Eastham-gambrel-with-red-cedar-clapboards
    • Eastham-gambrel-with-shed-dormers-and-deck
    • Eastham-gambrel-with-walk-under-deck
    • Eastham-garage-doors-with-tramsoms
    • Eastham-glass-front-house
    • Eastham-half-cape-with-ell
    • Eastham-half-capes-with-ells
    • Eastham-insulated-floor
    • Eastham-interior-framing-hip-and-valley-rafters
    • Eastham-interior-framing-with-ceiling-strapping
    • Eastham-interior-framing-with-insulation
    • Eastham-interior-framing
    • Eastham-modified-cape-with-azek-walkway
    • Eastham-modified-cape-with-custom-front-roof-line
    • Eastham-modified-cape-with-drive-under-garage
    • Eastham-modified-cape-with-third-level-deck
    • Eastham-porch-framing-new- Siding-shingles
    • Eastham-porch-framing
    • Eastham-preparing-for-excavation
    • Eastham-red-cedar-clapboards-with-circle-top-door
    • Eastham-remove-roof-with-crane
    • Eastham-rigid-insulation-and-radient-heat-tubing
    • Eastham-roof-deck-with-second-floor-access
    • Eastham-rough-framing-with-tyvek-house-wrap
    • Eastham-rough-framing-with-tyvek-vapor-barrier
    • Eastham-saltbox-on-the-water
    • Eastham-saltbox-with-long-driveway
    • Eastham-saltbox-with-red-cedar-clapboards
    • Eastham-saltbox-with-skylights
    • Eastham-saltbox-with-sun-room
    • Eastham-second-floor-with-sliders
    • Eastham-shed-cedar-entry-door
    • Eastham-staging-for-painting
    • Eastham-stripping-shingles
    • Eastham-sunroom-with-deck
    • Eastham-tarred-foundation-2x10-floor-joists
    • Eastham-tarred-foundation-with-first-deck
    • Eastham-tarred-foundation-with-framed-first-floor
    • Eastham-three-story-gable-sunroom
    • Eastham-tri-level-decks
    • Eastham-trimmed-out-gables
    • Eastham-upside-down-saltbox

    New House Construction by a Cape Cod builder and contractor

    Our many years of construction experience as a builder and contractor on Cape Cod have given us an understanding of the personal nature of the building process. During the design phase, the building phase, and the decorating phase we know how to ask the right questions and how to listen to your concerns. We know that the successful outcome of your new home is dependent upon blending the knowledge gained from our experience as a builder and contractor with an understanding of your needs, desires and lifestyle. Click below to see examples of successful integration of design, building, and decoration on projects we have completed in Eastham and Orleans on Cape Cod.

    Eastham-builders Eastham Cape Cod

    Sample Orleans House #1 Plans & Pics

    Eastham-builders longdesc=

    Sample Eastham House #2 Plans & Pics


    Sample Eastham House #3 Plans & Pics

    If you have any questions or would like to arrange a site visit to discuss a Lower Cape Cod project, please call 508-737-7609 or visit our office in Eastham.


    Click any tile below for an expanded view of construction work that could be done in Eastham.

    Eastham general contractor

    Some historical facts about Eastham

    Originally settled by the Nauset tribe, Eastham was the site where in 1621 a hunting expedition comprised from the crew of the sailing vessel Mayflower, which had stopped in Provincetown harbor on Cape Cod Bay after a rough crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, which led to the first encounter of the Pilgrims and the local Nauset Indians at First Encounter Beach. The area would not be settled by Europeans, however, until 1644. The original lands included what are now the towns of Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham, Orleans and a small portion of Chatham. Eastham town was officially incorporated in 1651. Birthplace of Freeman Hatch, who in 1853 set the world record (which still stands) for a single-hull wooden sailing vessel from San Francisco around Cape Horn to Boston aboard the clipper ship Northern Light. Fishing and especially farming were early industries in the town, and writers and artists also came to the town. In fact, it was in Eastham that Henry Beston wrote The Outermost House. The town is discussed at some length in Henry David Thoreau's Cape Cod as the somewhat rugged site of one of New England's largest summer "camp-meeting" evangelistic gatherings in the mid-19th century. The gatherings were at times attended by at least "one hundred and fifty ministers, (!) and five thousand hearers" at a site called Millennium Grove, in the northwest part of town. (The area is now a residential neighborhood, the only reminder being Millennium Lane.) Today, Eastham is mostly known as the "Gate" to the Cape Cod National Seashore, which was founded in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy to protect Cape Cod's coast from erosion and overpopulation. The town is the site of many beaches, both on the Atlantic and bay sides, as well as the Nauset Light, which was moved to the town in 1923 from its old location in Chatham, and the Three Sisters Lighthouses, which have since been moved away from their now-eroded perches on the coast to a field just west of Nauset Light.
    Vern Hatt :: Architectural Designer :: Builder :: Contractor - serving the Lower Cape Cod Towns of Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown since 1980.
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