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  • Vern Hatt :: Architectural Designer :: Builder :: Contractor - serving the Lower Cape Cod Towns of Brewster, Chatham, Harwich, Harwich, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown since 1980.

    Harwich-house design

    Harwich Decks and Decking

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    Harwich Deck Builder
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    • Harwich-azek-deck-with-table
    • Harwich-azek-walkway-to house
    • Harwich-beach-stairs-azek
    • Harwich-circular-fir-deck
    • Harwich-corner-stairs
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    • Harwich-deck-winding-pressure-treated-stairs
    • Harwich-deck-with-cedar-shower
    • Harwich-deck-with-columns-for-porch-riif
    • Harwich-deck-with-steel-supports
    • Harwich-fir-decking-on-deck-steps
    • Harwich-flag-stone-patio
    • Harwich-flag-stone-walkway
    • Harwich-flagstone- pation-wrap-around-stairs
    • Harwich-home-improvement-patio
    • Harwich-multi-level-deck-with-stairs
    • Harwich-observation-deck
    • Harwich-pressure-treated-beach-stairs
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    • Harwich-roof-deck
    • Harwich-screen-porch-on-exterior-deck
    • Harwich-second-floor-level
    • Harwich-stairs-built-with-landscape-timbers
    • Harwich-three-level-deck
    • Harwich-wrap-around-deck
    Working as a deck building contractor in Harwich our deck projects are personally designed to meet your individual needs. Decks are custom crafted with the finest materials available. Innovative and creative concepts influence our deck designs. Integrating this progressive deck design with all of the latest decking materials and products insures your satisfaction. Our prices are competitive, our estimates are free. We offer as options for building your deck in Harwich the following decking materials:


    Pressure Treated Lumber is a Southern Pine mix of wood, treated under pressure with chemicals that prevent insects, such as termites, and rot from destroying the lumber, but these same chemicals along with moisture, or water will attack most metals. We specify and use only approved metals for your deck hardware if it is effected by Pressure Treated chemicals. We always use Pressure Treated lumber for your deck framing. Pressure Treated Lumber is the least expensive and most commonly used decking and railing choice. It is naturally strong, and easy to install. Pressure Treated lumber weathers gray. We recommend finishing Pressure Treated decking and railing to help prevent and slow down spliting and splintering which can occur over time in the challenging Harwich weather.

    CEDAR (western red)

    Cedar contains natural defences against rot and insects which helps the cedar when used as decking to last about 20 years, but it is soft and may damage with foot traffic. It is great when used for railings and trim. Cedar is the most beautiful of all the deck materials, easy to work with and finish. Will turn gray when left to weather. Price varies from inexpensive for STK grade to expensive for clear. We recommend deck surfaces to be finished, but rails, trim and accessories can naturally weather.


    Composite materials are made by combining a blend of plastic and waste wood fibers. The boards won't splinter, split, and don't need to be stained when used as decking or railings. Yet composites are more expensive and should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew. Composites move more in response to temperature change. We use 12" framing centers even though the manufactures claim 16" centers are enough. This helps to eliminate the deflection in the decking boards. Hidden fasteners are available for some decking systems. Embossed wood grain surface and a variety of colors of composite decking have a very nice appearance. Composite used for rails and trim are more expensive than most wood, and are limited in design. We have used cedar and vinyl rails with composite decking resulting in a vary satisfactory final product.

    Procell (now Azek)

    A cellular PVC vinyl decking board, it is not really a true composite, as it is all PVC but it is usually grouped with the composites. Procell (now Azek) has a hard surface with embossed grain and it is mildew, scratch, and heat resistant. The heat resistant properties of this material make it an attractive option as the Harwich summer sun can really make some decking products hard on the feet. It is lightweight and strong, fastens very easily and snugly and comes in several pastel shades of colors which can fit many needs. We like that pastel look with white rail, trim, and white cross lattice hiding the area under the deck.

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    Harwich Deck Builder

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    Vern Hatt :: Architectural Designer :: Builder :: Contractor - serving the Lower Cape Cod Towns of Brewster, Chatham, Harwich, Harwich, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown since 1980.
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    Harwich-house design

    Call 508-737-7609 to discuss a deck or patio project for your house in Harwich