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A letter from the owner and architectural designer Vern Hatt.

No project large or small is without benefit from a well prepared set of plans.

For the potential homeowner: If you own a building lot and want to construct a house, we can design a home that takes advantage of the natural characteristics of your land , provides space to accommodate the lifestyle of your family and incorporates contemporary building techniques and materials. We have sample plans to look at for ideas in the link below (sample plans). We can use these ideas and build upon them or we can start fresh.

For the homeowner: Is it time to add that bathroom, den, or deck , expand that bedroom, kitchen or living room or finish that basement or attic?

If you are planning any of these or other projects and would like to control the cost by investing your own sweat equity we can help.

We can provide building plans, building permits and building documentation to help you build economically efficient and code compliant. (see the code considerarion link below)

For the building professional: We can meet with you and your clients to design a home that meets your clients needs and incorporates characteristics of your unique building style. There are many sample house plans on this site for ideas or we can design with  your ideas as a start. If you or you client would like to make an appointment for a free consultation please call 508-255-3788 office and machine or 508-737-7609 field phone.


To view sample plans or to review the State Building Code requirements for permits and how we can assist you follow the link below

Code Considerations

There are many design plans on this site for on-line viewing. If you would like to be sent to the download page so you can download the pages for off-line viewing and printing please fill out the form below. This will also sign you up to receive our newsletter.