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  • Vern Hatt :: Architectural Designer :: Builder :: Contractor - serving the Lower Cape Cod Towns of Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown since 1980.

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    Recent Projects

    Restaurant Renovations

    We recently did some renovation work to Public House Restaurant in Orleans. The restaurant was closed for six weeks for phase one of the renovations and re-opened March 14, 2014. The second phase of the renovations will continue and be completed as the weather allows. An announcemwnt for the opening of the new outside area will be coming shortly.
    The first phase of the renovations included:

    1. A new restaurant entry area and waitress station with coat storage.

    2 .A new dividing wall to separate the dining room from the Scrimshaw bar overflow

    3. A 10" oak bar rail on the new dividing wall for standing customers.

    4. New custom made tables for the Scrimshaw bar overflow area.

    5. Build a new and bigger bar in the tavern area with an oak top. Build a new back bar and storage.

    6. Build oak seating bar in new Tavern area.

    7. Add subway wall tiles to the upper walls of the new Scrimshaw Bar area.

    8. Add a new exterior entry door to the Tavern area and adjust exterior decks and ramps.

    9. Start building the new bar on the exterior deck.

    10. Start building the new raw bar on the exterior deck.

    Click here to see a slideshow of the renovation project to the Public House Restaurant

    Click here for the Orleans Public House Restaurant web site

    Click here for the Orleans Public House Restaurant Face Book Page.

    We cordially invite you to The Orleans Public House Restaurant and Scrimshaw Bar for excellent food and libation.

    Basement Finish

    We recently added two storage closets to an unfinished area of a basement.

    We first covered the walls with 2" of styrofoam insulation and then added 2"x4" wall framing. The2"x4" wall framing was additionally insulated with 3 1/2" unfaced fiberglass insulation before it was covered with 1/2" sheetrock. The sheetrock was taped, bedded, skimmed, primed and painted and the doors and trim were installed and finished with 3 coats poly-urethane finish. The inside of the closet was finished with one shelf and pole and a acoustic tile ceiling was installed.

    Click here to see a slide show of this project

    Garage w/ living space above

    The Town of Eastham has recently adopted a proposal that "for the purpose of promoting the development of affordable rental housing in Eastham for year-round residents, one accessory dwelling unit per lot may be allowed by Special Permit from the Board of Appeals." (Click here to see copy of actual town by-law.0

    We recently designed such an "accessory build with living space" and recieved site approval from the Eastham Planning Board (the accessory building increased lot coverage to over 3,000 sq.ft,) and a special permit from the Eastham Board of Appeals. Tim Brady of East Cape Engineering was the engineer representing the project to the boards and Benjamin E Zehnder was the lawyer.

    Click here to see a slide show of the construction of this project.

    Convert unfinished screen porch to year round conditioned living space

    We recently converted an unheated screen porch to year round conditioned space : the conversion included the following.

    1.The existing porch was stripped down to the framing
    2.The floor was furred up with 2"x4" pressure treated stock
    3. 2" high -R rigid insulation was installed
    4. plywood subflooring installed
    5. Required electrical and gas work was done
    6. Fiberglass insulation installed
    7. Andersen windows and a fiberglass door were installed
    8. Interior walls finished with 1x6 T&G painted pine.
    9. Ceramic tile flooring installed
    10. gas stove installed heat
    11. mini split air-conditioning installed

    Click here to see a slideshow of this conversion.